You’ve chosen an opportune time to consider relocating to Houston!

In addition to all the outstanding amenities that Houston is famous for—high quality of life, outstanding educational institutions, world-renowned arts scene, incredible diversity, and more—we are also leading the country in job creation.

As I write this in January, I note that the Houston metro area added 86,200 net new jobs in the 12 months ending November 2013, a 3.1 percent increase and among the fastest growth rates in the nation. Since the bottom of the recession in January 2010, the Houston region has added 354,200 jobs and leads the 20 most populous metro areas in percentage of jobs regained. In November, total employment in Houston stood at 2,829,400, and should top 2.9 million by late 2014.

Part of this success is a direct result of the efforts of the Greater Houston Partnership’s drive to create growth, prosperity, and opportunity for everyone. It is also a result of our role in the global economy as the Energy Capital of the World, Space City USA, and as home to the largest medical complex in the world—the Texas Medical Center—in addition to our leadership in many other important industry sectors.

Please remember that this guide is just ink on paper. It cannot adequately show you everything that our great region has to offer. I invite you to visit Houston to gain an insider’s perspective on the opportunities and hospitality for which we are famous.

Once again, welcome!


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