The book follows two cats on their journey from being born to a stray to being rescued by an animal shelter and then adopted by a loving family. The book will continue as a series, with the goal of educating children and adults on the rescue process and promoting pet adoption.
The author, Terri Sabol, a friend of a friend, looked at some of Anna’s artwork and contacted her requesting a sample page.

“She loved my depiction of her cats in the sample page and decided to choose me as the illustrator,” Anna said.

Anna has already received many acknowledgements for her art. She received an honorable mention at TAPPS, participated in on-site drawing for TAPPS, and she won two first place medals at the Fort Bend County Fair. She also won “Best of Show” at the Houston Rodeo, which allowed for her artwork to be displayed in the Hayloft Gallery and auctioned for a scholarship award.

She is currently taking her fifth studio art class at FBCA. Each art teacher at FBCA has inspired her in a different way.

“Ms. Costner has been my art teacher for the last two years, and she is a wonderful and supportive teacher who has dedicated so much of her time to help me start preparing to pursue art in college,” Anna said. “Ms. Costner has also inspired me to think outside of the box in terms of art. Mr. Selby taught me art sophomore year and introduced me to and instructed me in using my favorite medium of art, colored pencil. I took studio art in the summer before freshman year taught by Mr. Sanders, who motivated me to push artistic boundaries.”

Although she is a senior and will not get much time in FBCA’s new Visual Arts Pavilion which is scheduled for completion soon, she said she is happy the arts are getting more attention. Anna has attended FBCA since she was in 8th grade, and she has been involved in many activities including the tennis team, National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Spanish Club, and more.

She has yet to decide where she will attend college, but Anna has applied to UT Austin, Southwestern, UCLA, Laguna College of Art and Design, California State University at Long Beach, and University of Washington.

Anna’s younger siblings Anthony, Ava and Alex also attend FBCA.

“Attending the same school as my brothers and sister means I get so see them more often, and we have shared many of the same teachers,” Anna said.

Dee, Anna’s mother, is so proud of her.

“I know that whatever goals she sets for herself, she will reach,” she said.

Inspiration Behind the Drawings

Considering herself a cat person, Anna illustrated “Oscar and Emmy Get Rescued” in loving memory of her favorite pets.

“I love the temperament of cats,” she said. “My family has owned cats my whole life so I am accustomed to having them around. Callie, our calico cat grew up with me and was a major part of my life. She lived to be 18 years old, which is quite an impressive age for a cat. She had many lovable quirks such as rummaging around the rooms of my siblings, stealing their socks, and bringing them to me as if they were prizes. Our cross-eyed tabby cat, George was also an extremely quirky cat. One day he showed up on our doorstep, skinny and skittish, looking for food. He kept returning to our house after we put out food for him, and we eventually took him in. After his initial reluctance to be around people, he turned out to be unusually outgoing. He acted like a dog most of the time because he would drool and be extremely friendly. His favorite activity was sleeping all day in the sunshine. We currently have another stray cat named Henry who we found at a gas station. His attitude is very similar to George’s in his affectionate personality.”


Fort Bend Christian Academy is a private school located in Sugar Land, Texas, serving students Pre-K through grade 12. For more information about the Fine Art Program at Fort Bend Christian Academy, visit the website.